As an essential and integral part of your business strategy, your IT infrastructure should serve as a strong central nervous system that interacts with your employees, clients, suppliers, media and management. From resolving specific IT-related issues to strategic business transformation fueled by IT, we deliver technology consulting services to companies across multiple domain areas. We are aimed to become your reliable IT partner with the functional know-how, detailed understanding, resources and in-depth expertise to ensure that your business, management and staff use Information Technology efficiently and in-line with your goals and business challenges.


If you’re looking for a long-term reliable partner to realize new innovative ideas that will provide your customers with additional value and differentiate your business in a tough competitive environment, it is go abroad who delivers the result.
From smart customization of the pre-developed platforms to full-cycle custom software development along the client's vision, go abroad is an experienced development partner to deliver cost-efficient and reliable custom software solutions that match your requirements for:

New Application Development
Application Integration & Customization
Legacy Application Migration & Enhancement
Application Support & Continuous Improvement
Project Rescue


Virtualization projects are trendy but they may also seem expensive and challenging. At the same time, others offer a vital strategic business advantage. Our goal is to meet and resolve those challenges, as well as bring substantial cost savings, increased IT capacity and business advantages with optimized IT investments.
go abroad consultants assist in all the aspects of virtualization from comprehensive IT infrastructure assessment and gap analysis, infrastructure planning and design, financial analysis (including licensing optimization), implementation and migration to ongoing management and maintenance using Microsoft, VMware, Parallels, and Sun virtualization solutions.


The complexity of IT infrastructure and the sophistication of business applications have always posed challenges to enterprises today. The question arising is whether the application meant to increase profitability, in effect it is increasing overheads. Maintenance costs are increasing as it is virtually impossible to detect anomalies and compile diagnostics at each single application level. Application Performance Monitoring Solutions (APMS) are the answer to manage an application and all its dependencies.
We offer the only comprehensive, integrated platform for monitoring, diagnosing, and correcting application performance challenges irrespective of the point of occurrence. Flexible deployment options including cloud-based APMaaS, on-premises, or a hybrid model are available based on the needs.
We provide a 360-degree view into end-user performance, for all users, all transactions, and all locations, 24/7 to monitor and optimize your most critical business applications such as SAP, Oracle EBS, Cerner, Epic, SCT Banner and several others.


go abroad is a full-cycle Software Product Development (SPD) service provider and supports you at any stage of your product evolution – from the first idea to product implementation, support and maintenance.
We are capable of developing software using the following development tools and languages:

Custom Software Development
C++, Java / .NET Programming
Embedded Software Development
Application re-engineering and re-factoring
Internet/Intranet Software Development
Client/Server and Distributed Application Development
Corporate document and knowledge Management Systems


When quality does matter, go abroad delivers stand-alone and integrated testing services to customers from software product start-up to larger corporations, offering supreme quality assurance through deep understanding of your business goals and applications.


Software system prototyping is a perfect choice for refining functionality, detecting potential issues and setting right priorities. Prototyping simulates you business process automation before a new functionality goes live.
Your software systems behavior can drastically affect your business performance. This checking procedure verifies your workflow runs smoothly and user-friendly before investing into the development hence it minimizes development risks. Moreover it avoids requirement misunderstandings or communication barriers before they turn into unexpected losses.
Prototyping guarantees that you pay for the performance you need and is an excellent opportunity to protect your software development investments by setting accurate goals and realistic schedules.


We help companies to support and refine high-level business processes that involve different departments, applications and data sources and requires straight-through processing, seamless data interchange and integrated business rules execution.
According to Gartner’s research (, 75% of corporates have 6+ different systems in their information environments. Handling multiple systems causes 3 MAIN PROBLEMS that may affect company’s performance:

1. Time loss and inadequate efforts for transferring process-related data from stage to stage. Missed or uncertain data, manual data consistency checks manual data verification between different systems, repeating discrepancies, frequent corrections. Practice of exporting/importing records to/from files or even manual input of data already contained in one system to other systems

2. Low information availability and huge efforts spent on data mining, aggregation and validation. Exchanging frequent e-mails to get or provide necessary information instead of having a single data access point. Weak taxonomy and metadata management due to isolated data sources containing scraps of information. The need to manually collect, aggregate or compare data in different corporate data sources for decision-making.

3. Huge IT team efforts to support changes, systems maintenance, access rights management, etc. IT team is overloaded with user requests for data formalization, extraction and reporting automation. Commonly, programming level is used to complete tasks instead of business objects and rules management.


We believe that professional maintenance and support is the right way to reduce software system TCO and ensure useful improvements and optimization steps. This is not only about availability of single units and modules it is about making sure that the entire IT-infrastructure is cost-effective and runs smoothly and reliably.
The services delivered by go abroad are designed to meet specific challenges that your software faces:

Perfective and corrective maintenance, re-engineer or customize your solution, tackling minor and major issues that trouble or hamper system performance and functionality.
Adaptive maintenance ensures that your software and hardware work stable and reliable in the new, altered environment.
Scheduled maintenance facilitated updates & releases management to ensure that your IT system or application stays in line with the latest technology, ahead of competition.