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Business Intelligence

go abroad focuses on seamless integration solutions and data analysis tools using the processes and information systems currently exist in your company. We offer comprehensive Busines Intellegent (BI) solutions that are instrumental in understanding the critical business metrics, help eliminate waste, and enable more informed strategic decision-making.

Resource Planning

Ranging from financial, production, management to procurement and order processing, go abroad delivers enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems boosting operational efficiency of your enterprise.

Content Management

Our services help companies simplify the management of enterprise data assets through improved security, process routing, data storage, versioning, and retention.

go abroad delivers a complete range of services for enterprise content management (ECM) solutions to help organizations reduce overhead costs of data management and enhance operational efficiency by improved control over their business processes.


The complexity of IT infrastructure and the sophistication of business applications have always posed challenges to enterprises today. The question that arises is whether the Application meant to increase profitability is in effect increasing overheads. Maintenance costs are increasing as it is virtually impossible to detect anomalies and compile diagnostics at each single application tier level. Application Performance Monitoring solutions are the answer to effectively managing an application and all its dependencies.

We offer the only comprehensive, integrated platform for monitoring, diagnosing, and correcting application performance challenges irrespective of the point of occurrence. Flexible deployment options including cloud-based APMaaS, on-premises, or a hybrid model based on the particular needs. We provide a 360-degree view into end-user performance, for all users, all transactions, and all locations, 24/7 to monitor and optimize your most critical business applications such as SAP, Oracle EBS, Cerner, Epic, SCT Banner and several others.


go abroad offers ERP modules implementation for companies focussing on their competitive edge with smart technologies and business process engineering. Integration of multiple disparate functions within the enterprise brings:

Greater efficiency of business processes automation of manual processes
More visibility for business stakeholders
Ability to meet compliance requirements
Process cost savings
Better interaction with customers and suppliers

Our Philosophy and Commitment behind every Engagement is to achieve an unprecedented level of partnership productivity. The project teams set-up is based on consideration of your project requirements along with transparency of processes and deliverables.


go abroad has higly skilled and experienced Java consultants, business analysts, architects and developers including Sun certified professionals.

C++ Capabilities

go abroad provides full-cycle development of cross-platform high-performance applications starting from consulting to product development, integration and continuous support.

Product Development in C++
C++ Cross-Platform Developemt
System / HPA + GUI + Devices: a complete set of technology expertise to cover your needs

Platform Applications

The major reasons to select the cross-platform approach is saving on investment on the one hand, and raising the overall quality of the code. go abroad c++ developers have years of experience in developing cross-platform applications using Qt, vxWidgets, GTK+ and other toolsets. We develop cross-platform applications of any complexity and enterprise-level solutions.

Ruby On Rails Development

The RoR teams with solid Software engineering skills of go abroad extensively use Ruby metaprogramming techniques and have versatile experience implementing frameworks for interactions with third party services. This is a dynamic opportunity for enterprises to showcase their capability through web applications. Experts from India has helped numerous organizations in producing vibrant applications that speak „efficacy“, „dexterity“ and smart integration. We work with enterprises of all sizes to launch their ideas into success, to scale existing web applications into more superlative platforms and to enlarge internal as well as external competence. With the help of ROR, Experts from India has created full stack development with ease and adeptness while keeping project timelines and project costs minimized.


go abroad works exclusively with official SAP Partners able to utilize on demand SAP resources and SAP development. We maintain a pool of SAP professionals with the average experience of 5 years. Our SAP Consulting Network delivers a complete set of SAP implementation services including functional extensions, continuous improvements of existing SAP solutions and grants professional services includes Consulting, SAP Implementation and Refining existing SAP Solutions in your enterprise.

Professional IT Services

System Integration
Software Development & Maintenance
Programming Solutions, Connectors and Interfaces
IT infrastructure Analysis
Information Systems Audit
Database Management
Technical Support
ROR - Rubi on Rail Developments
Quality Assurance
Software Products Training
Network Performance Analyisis & Diagnostics

IT Expertise

Business Process Modeling
Research & Development
Project Management
General IT strategies
Requirements Analysis / Mapping
Return On Investment studies

Cyber Security

Network Analysis
Vulnerability Testing
White & Black-Box Penetration Testing

Corporate IT Security Trainings

Through our selected partner structure we offer a range of IT security trainings aimed at both employers and employees to ensure IT security vulnerabilities are kept to a minumum. Courses are delivered by a trained, ethical security insiders to provide insight into the growing problem of cyber attacks.

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